Service Positioning

Which type of customer can be interested in EH SmartLink?

Companies looking for easier and faster credit management solution to support their daily credit insurance contract management tasks can be interested in SmartLink.

It is particularly designed for large companies that manage hundreds of credit limits as part of their business operations, with structured credit management processes.

Getting Started/Implementation

What are the Technical requirements?

EH SmartLink relies on web service technology to securely connect your Enterprise Resources Planning, ERP (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or another provider) or CRM system to Euler Hermes data resources. The data exchanges (xml format) can be fully automated and are securely encrypted according to industry standards.

How do we secure EH SmartLink exchange? Do all of the users have access to the same data?

In order to guarantee the security of the exchanges, we will provide you with a dedicated EH SmartLink user account that is protected using a confidential password.

The user account identifier and confidential password need to be presented by your server in each web service request (this is usually done in a fully automated process).

The client certificate, IP addresses and access rights are all linked to this user account.

Can user access to EH SmartLink be modified; how does one proceed?

Access rights are managed at web service and credit insurance policy levels and are configured by the EH SmartLink consultant upon creation of the user account. If you wish to completely remove user access, or grant it to a new user, the customer needs to contact EH SmartLink consultant.

User Questions

Which type of task can be automated?

For example a customer can automatize:

Identification of companies in his databases

Integration EH proactive decisions (partial or risk withdrawal) directly in your information system

Management of the portfolio

Request a cover / Make your credit limit requests

Integration EH credit limits directly in your information system (e.g. ERP, ETL, …)

Checking the ground-up client list to get the level of solvency of your buyers (French buyers only)

[For example the web service: “Company Search Service” can be used to identify companies within EH database. Searches can be made on name/Address or a unique identifier.  Then Web service returns a list of companies that match the entered search criteria.]

How do I manage the policies' structure within EH SmartLink?

All policies can be managed within EH SmartLink. It is up to the customer to decide which policies to be considered into the scope of the EH SmartLink implementation.

How do you manage updates on EH Smartlink web services?

When a change of a web service interface needs to be done EH creates a new version of the web service in question (new WSDL and XSD documents).

The creation of a new web service version does not impact the existing version which remains unchanged. Upon availability of a new N+1 version of a web service EH send you an email communication, containing the WSDL, XSD and documentation of the new web service version.

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